Filmmaker and editor, living and working in Vienna, Austria.

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Bato Nebo

Bato Nebo is going to be shown at the Diagonale 2021 in Graz (June 8th-13th). You can request a link to watch the film.

Title: Bato Nebo
Length: 15’
Genre: short documentary
Year: 2021
Cinematography: Germaine Haller

24 H - Taris

Title: 24 H - Taris
Length: 4:11
Genre: music video
Year: 2020
Cinematography: Aljoscha Wuzella


Title: Somnambul
Length: 12’
Genre: short fiction
Year: 2019
Cinematography: Sade Jerabek

Chassé Croisé

Title: Chassé-Croisé
Length: 9’
Genre: short fiction
Year: 2018
Cinematography: Sarah May Handler


You can request a link to watch the film.

Title: Solitude
Length: 3:35
Genre: music video
Year: 2015
Cinematography: Lorenz Kunath & Simon Scherrer


Title: MVA
Length: 8’
Genre: short documentary
Year: 2018
Cinematography: Lydia Salner

Why, Thisbe

This is the very first single from the 2019 debut album 'Dreams Pyre'.
Video filmed on Super-8-film.

Title: Why, Thisbe - Queen Leer
Length: 4:15
Genre: music video
Year: 2019
Cinematography: Albert Car

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Portrait Luzia Johow
Luzia Johow, born 1995 in Burgenland (AT). 2016 Matura at the Ortweinschule Graz (focus on film & multimedia art). Then internship at Nightshift (post production) in Paris. Since 2017 study of editing and original sound at the Vienna Film Academy, directing music videos and various short films. Participation in numerous film productions, mostly in post-production and sound.

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