Filmmaker and editor, living and working in Gent, Belgium

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Top View of my Brain as a Crime Scene

A dream. S. is sitting in a forest clearing. Her undefined feeling of guilt turns the place into a crime scene.

Title:  Top View of my Brain as a Crime Scene
Length: 12'
Genre: short fiction 
Year: 2023
Instagram: @topviewofmybrain

Script: Zorah Berghammer & Luzia Johow
Producer: Flora Mair
Cinematography: Albert Car & Stella-Joya Puelacher
Production Design: Luisa Berghammer & Hansi Wimmer
Sound: Lisa Maria Hollaus
Editing: Melisa Krasniqi

Bato Nebo

"A series of traditional chants offer us a glimpse into the Georgian oral tradition, wisely kept over generations. The scenes were captured as part of an ethnomusicological field-trip. Bato Nebo premiered at Diagonale 21' in Austria and celebrated its international premiere at DocLisboa 21'. You can request a link to watch the film."

Title: Bato Nebo
Length: 15’
Genre: short documentary
Year: 2021

Directing: Luzia Johow
Cinematography: Germaine Haller
DoP: Germaine Haller
Sound Mixer: Cristian Iorga
Editing: Kaspar Panizza & Luzia Johow


Watch the film on Vimeo now: Solitude on Vimeo

Title: Solitude
Length: 3:35
Genre: music video
Year: 2015
Cinematography: Lorenz Kunath & Simon Scherrer

Chassé Croisé

A mysterious back and forth movement turns into a chasing scene. Driven by experimental music.

Watch Chassé Croisé on Vimeo: Chassé Croisé on Vimeo

Title: Chassé-Croisé
Length: 9’
Genre: short fiction
Year: 2018

Directing: Luzia Johow
DoP: Sarah May Handler
Sound Mixer: Lea Sorgo
Music/Sounddesign: Rojin Sharafi
Cinematography: Sarah May Handler

Why, Thisbe

This is the very first single from the 2019 debut album 'Dreams Pyre'.
Video filmed on Super-8-film.

Watch Why, Thisbe? on Vimeo: Why, Thisbe? on Vimeo

Title: Why, Thisbe - Queen Leer
Length: 4:15
Genre: music video
Year: 2019

Directing: Luzia Johow & Verena Gross
DoP: Albert Car
Cinematography: Albert Car


I was interested in how and where municipal waste is being processed in Vienna. A repugnant yet versatile material. The result is a calm symphony of mechanical digestion, composed only with original sounds.

Watch it now on Vimeo: MVA on Vimeo

Title: MVA
Length: 8’
Genre: short documentary
Year: 2018

Directing: Luzia Johow
DoP: Lydia Salner
Sound Mixer: Florian Bayer
Cinematography: Lydia Salner
Music: Clemens Niel
Sounddesign: Mathias Ermert

24 H - Taris

Title: 24 H - Taris
Length: 4:11
Genre: music video
Year: 2020
Cinematography: Aljoscha Wuzella


Title: Somnambul
Length: 12’
Genre: short fiction
Year: 2019
Cinematography: Sade Jerabek

About Me

Portrait Luzia Johow
Luzia Johow, born 1995 in Burgenland (AT). 2016 Matura at the Ortweinschule Graz (focus on film & multimedia art). Then internship at Nightshift (post-production) in Paris. From 2017 to 2022 she studied Editing in Michael Hudeceks Class at Film academy Vienna, followed by a Master of film at the KASK Ghent. She directed music videos and various short films. Participation in numerous film productions, mostly in post-production and sound.

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